Are You Wasting Your Time On LinkedIn?

Are you wasting your time on LinkedIn? Here’s how to use your connections for more than just a  On LinkedIn Connect 


LinkedIn is great for finding connections and creating your network. But what do you do with your connections once you have them?
On LinkedIn waste


Its impossible to close deals with more LinkedIn connections. You have to go get the business, make it personal and ask for the deal. Utilizing a CRM tool to add them to your call list… Now your talking.
Combine LinkedIn with to start using your connections like you should.

The Salesforce App Exchange has professional, easy-to-use plugins that seamlessly combine the contact-information from your LinkedIn network with the usefulness of


If you don’t already know about the following plugins, let me educate you:


  1. – Access your Salesforce contacts’ LinkedIn profiles directly from Salesforce.

On LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce
  1. LinkedIn Integration by Ecquire, Inc – Sync contacts, capture leads, & save messages. Sync contacts, capture leads, and save messages to Salesforce – all without ever filling a form.
On LinkedIn Integration by Ecquire
  1. LinkedIn Contacts Grabber – Search and import contacts from LinkedIn into Salesforce. Provides ability to quickly refer LinkedIn and import contacts, without opening a browser and manually copying details.
On LinkedIn Contacts Grabber
Stop wasting so much time clicking this: On LinkedIn Connect
…and start working the connections you already have.

Are You Wasting Your Time On LinkedIn?