Salesforce MFA Enforcement Coming Soon

By now, we all should know the importance of Multi-Factor Authorization(MFA) and that it does protect access to our important systems.  Salesforce has sent a lot of communication about MFA and how to best prepare for it, read here. In 2022, Salesforce required MFA as a contractual agreement and provided many resources to help admins enable it. In 2023, Salesforce

Our Top 10 Features Salesforce Spring `23 Release

Are you ready for the Spring `23 release? But have no time to read the 574-page release notes… We hand-picked what we think are the top 10 new features for Spring `23. Hope you enjoy! Here is a summary list: Create Personalized Report Filters Bulk Manage Picklist Values Enhance Case and Lead Record Pages with Dynamic Forms Track Field History

Enhanced Personal Information Management

Did you recently receive an email from Salesforce about Enhanced Personal Information Management and are not sure what to do? Here are some resources to help you be a Salesforce superstar.   Enhanced Personal Information Management Overview In Salesforce’s Winter ‘23 release, Enhanced Personal Information Management is being enabled as a Release Update. With this update, Salesforce blocks external users’ view and edit access to

What is a Physical Security Key?

What is a Physical Security Key? Do you like the key for your car? It’s simple and prevents people from (easily) stealing your car, right? Think of a security key the same way: as a key to your hardware, your data, and your apps, (like Salesforce), that restricts access to your most important information.   What is a YubiKey? Overview

Top 8 Underrated Features of Financial Services Cloud (FSC)

In 2016, Salesforce released Financial Services Cloud (FSC) — initially to serve the wealth management market. Since then, it has expanded to retail banking, commercial banking, and insurance to become a one-stop solution for the modern bank. Having worked with numerous banks and equipment finance companies that use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, I’ve noticed a real trend toward companies underutilizing the amazing

Time Tracking in Salesforce

Fostering is pleased to announce that we have released a time-proven application, one we use every day for tracking clients’ billable time, to the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. Time Tracking for Salesforce! Here are some of the highlights: Track time to an Account and one more record of your choice (custom or standard object). Customize billable rates per user (optional) Configure

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release 100 (+/-) new features… Here are a few of my favorites.

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release 100 (+/-) new features… Here are a few of my favorites. Have you heard about Salesforce Releases? If not, Salesforce releases a lot of new features, three times per year. This is the benefit of using Software as a Service (SaaS). You pay a monthly price and always get the newest software, without expensive downtime and server

Customer 360° View Pitfalls

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of Customer 360° View failure? I’ve done Salesforce for over 10 years and have implemented 100+ companies. Watch the below video in which I outline the top three Customer 360° failures.  

Moving to Flow

Flow is the Way to Go Process Builder and Workflow Retirement So, you may have heard, Flow is the standard for process automation as Salesforce made it official that Process Builder and Workflow will be retiring starting October of 2022 (Winter ’23 Release). You won’t be able to create any new Workflow Rules and Processes in the future. Here is the retirement timeline:

Midwest Dreamin’ 2022

Hello Matt, Do you feel like you’ve missed out on Salesforce events in Minnesota? We sure have! We are excited to sponsor a live in-person event taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, June 20th – 22nd. Can you believe it’s been nearly three years since a large Salesforce event has taken place in Minnesota?! Salesforce-sponsored events are great, but we really appreciate