Happy Thankfulness from Fostering!

Our Sincerest “Happy Thankfulness” From The Entire Fostering Team. Hello. This is Matt. Many days, I catch myself enveloped by what our developer Jordan calls “first world problems”. Argh!! …The stoplights are taking too long, my food was cold, I have to stop what I am doing to run an errand. I think you understand what I am saying. If I

Custom Solutions To Make Your Data Work For You!

At Fostering, we understand that data management is never foolproof. In fact, working with your organization’s data can be extremely time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Whether your sales team inputs data in the incorrect format or a customer on your website form inputs information in the wrong field, it can cause significant issues. There is the labor cost of having someone on

We Love the Salesforce AppExchange and You Should Too!

At Fostering, we love apps that make things easier. No two organizations are identical and all have unique needs for their infrastructure. Salesforce is the top CRM solution in the world and pioneered cloud technologies. The list of things Salesforce can achieve for your organization is massive. Best of all, Salesforce is made even more robust and individualized to help

Fast As Lightning: New Salesforce Editions

Salesforce has long been known for its innovation, and remains the premier Customer Relationship Management system in the world. In fact, Salesforce is approaching its 50 release! After carefully researching, listening to customers, and enhancing features and functionality, Salesforce is launching three new editions featuring its improved Lightning Experience interface at simple and easy to understand price points. Whether you are

We Love Nonprofits – CRM Implementation

Success with any CRM for nonprofits requires three components; System, Implementation, and Training/Support. Salesforce offers amazing system capabilities and when implemented and supported well, Fostering can help you revolutionize your nonprofit organization. At Fostering, we specialize in helping nonprofits vastly improve sales and donation tracking, forecasting, reporting, team tracking, and so much more. Thanks to Salesforce.org (formerly Salesforce Foundation), nonprofits

Prioritize, Don’t Accessorize

Business Tech Systems… Prioritize, don’t accessorize.  how do you choose technology systems for your business?   To preface, I get this question more often than you’d think. More and more businesses still choose technology solutions for their businesses to use based on what they think they need versus what they know they should actually purchase. Let’s think of it this way… 

Can Your CRM See What’s Really Important?

Just one question… Can Your CRM See What’s Really Important? This Spring, get ready for a whole host of new features coming to Salesforce.  Here are just are few of the possibilities: Salesforce1 Lightning Process Builder Automation of your workflows with the Process Builder Salesforce1–Mobile Platform Point-and-click coding for your apps Visualize your business information on the go Data is

Are You Wasting Your Time On LinkedIn?

Are you wasting your time on LinkedIn? Here’s how to use your connections for more than just a      LinkedIn is great for finding connections and creating your network. But what do you do with your connections once you have them?   Its impossible to close deals with more LinkedIn connections. You have to go get the business, make it

Free Salesforce.com training…no way!

How would you like to attend a FREE 1 hour tutorial how to be a rock star report runner in Salesforce? Fostering LLC is hosting our monthly MeetUp group this Thursday, August 7 at our new office! We are excited to announce that we have moved to 505 W St. Germain Street St. Cloud, MN 56301. At this month’s MeetUp we will talk about reporting ins and outs

So many CRM systems…How do I choose one?

Goldmine, ACT, NetSuite, Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce… what one is best for me? CRM is not a new term, in fact it has been around for over 20 years. So how do you chose the right system?  If your like the normal researcher,Google will be your best friend or “industry-like” referrals. But, please do not stop there. Pending your organizational size you may have a very