Custom Solutions To Make Your Data Work For You!

Custom SolutionsAt Fostering, we understand that data management is never foolproof. In fact, working with your organization’s data can be extremely time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Whether your sales team inputs data in the incorrect format or a customer on your website form inputs information in the wrong field, it can cause significant issues. There is the labor cost of having someone on your team sorting through an Excel spreadsheet to correct it, and it can also cost you potential sales or affect your customer relationship management. For those who are using or are transitioning to Salesforce, the top CRM solution in the world, the transfer of data from spreadsheets can seriously affect the productivity and usefulness of your investment. Fortunately, Fostering has developed custom solutions to make your data work for you.

Fostering Custom Data Solutions.

1) Address Deconstructor

Address DeconstructorOur Address Deconstructor program offers organizations the ability to quickly and painlessly save significant time and effort sorting your address field into individual number, street, city, state, and Zip code fields with just two clicks. After the deconstructor separates the addresses, it automatically copies them back into your Excel spreadsheet for you. Whether you have hundreds or multiple thousands of entries, the Fostering Address Deconstructor is a phenomenal option. Learn more by clicking the photo below, and see just how easy and fast this app can be.

2) Ultimate Excel Tools

Ultimate Excel ToolsFor even more versatility, our Ultimate Excel Tools app gives you even more power to make your data work for you like never before. Not only does the app include the Address Deconstructor, it adds the ability to format phone number information with our Phone Extractor. This solution will mine your Excel spreadsheet phone field and format each entry as you see fit. You can remove periods, dashes, or pounds on the fly. Best of all, the app will insert a note into any cells that have incorrect information such as comments or mis-typed numbers. If these features were not enough, Ultimate Excel Tools also offers a Capitalizer Tool which will scour your records and capitalize selected words, names, and entries. All three included programs are easy to use and will make you the data-master at your organization. Click on the button below to see our video showing this amazing app in action.


Fostering: Custom Data Solutions

As always, Fostering would also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s start a conversation about CRM and how Salesforce and our custom solutions can help transform your organization. Click here.

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