Establishing Ongoing Support for your CRM

Delivery and timing are crucial to the implementation of a customer relationship management system. Once the system is implemented and working well for the business, establishing ongoing support is the next crucial step.


Choosing your CRM service implementation specialist is as important as choosing the right system for your business. You need support to ensure your ongoing success through every phase and implementation. Your customer relationship management system should grow and change alongside your business. One way to ensure it does is by choosing a CRM implementation specialist that will support you not only during the implementation process, but afterward as well.


Your CRM implementation specialist should be able to provide specific deliverables as part of the ongoing support process. Potential deliverables include case submission, custom web tab salesforce, and onsite training follow-ups. Online case submissions should have a quick turnaround time on bug fixes. Ongoing phone and email support is a must. If a new feature needs to be implemented, user training should be offered, whether onsite or virtually. Without that support, your CRM system will become difficult to use. Eventually, users will become frustrated and the CRM system will no longer be doing its job of improving workflow and organization.


With ongoing support, you’ll be able to ensure continuous success. Your implementation specialist will set up meetings with you to keep you accountable. They’ll help you continue to move to the next phase of your CRM success. Monthly support report cards will let you know how you’re doing, and client training videos and onsite training opportunities will help you continue to grow and succeed as a business using your CRM.


At Fostering CRM Solutions, we commit to a marriage, not a date, with our CRM customers. We aim to earn your long-term trust and support by committing to a long-term success plan.