Frustrated Sales Position? Questions to ask on your next interview.

Have you ever felt like this with your manager?
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Don’t worry, I wont tell them. But, the fact of the matter is that many sales professionals have a very small tenure and high turnover.
So, how can you ask the right questions in the interview to get a better result? Try these:
1) What is your sales process? 
Without a defined (written) flow from lead to customer, there will be confusion all the way through.
2) Who is your primary customer?
This is a biggie, because they are who you will be selling to. If the manager/owner doesn’t know what defines this ideal customer then you never will.
3) How do you qualify your customers? 
If they answered #2 then this one should be easy. Data like employee count, revenue size or other key info that helps define what the potential deal size could look like.
4) What are the sales goals (activity & $) for this position? 
Dollars and cents are the end goal, but last time I checked you still have to pick up the phone to make the call before the invoice. Understanding how much activity it takes to produce a sales number is key to you feeling appreciated and your manager feeling your on your way to your goals.
5) Finally, what CRM do you use to track all of this? 
This is where I pitch what I do. Don’t worry, If there wasn’t a value for it I wouldn’t be in business. Integrating these key questions into a technology platform allows everyone to start and stay on the same page. From lead to up-selling, complete visualization of the full customer relationship is key.
If the business can answer all these questions with a straight face, you have a high likelihood of being successful. 
But, watch out for those who cannot. Because you will be the one who will have to force the issue to justify your paycheck! 
I am not purposely trying to beat you up, just press the issue for sense of clarity and unity with your teams. Feel free to contact me to see if Fostering LLC would be a benefit to your organization.


Tony Robbins says it costs 1 million dollars to replace a sales person. (video below 1:50)


Wouldn’t make more sense to get this figured out?


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