In this first stage, the CRM system is customized specifically for your organization’s needs and your current data is merged with it to provide you with the foundation needed to thrive on your new CRM.


At Fostering, we know that the simplicity or ease of use by the customer is paramount to what makes a system exceptional.

We know that every organization operates in its own unique way, and because of that your CRM must reflect that uniqueness also.

It is important to identify your company’s vision, goals, and metrics. Also, your resources, tools, and dependencies must be determined. This first step is crucial to avoid wasting time or needing to back track further on.

We assist you to keep the initial implementation simple by using the “click, not code” built-in configuration tools. This is easier than starting with code (Apex) and the pages functionality of the platform. As your knowledge and experience with the application and user feedback grows, we will help you consider how to enhance the application with those tools at that stage of the process.

In the planning stage, we would have assisted you in creating a timeline defining the deployment phases and the associated schedule. The first stage involves making your customized Salesforce CRM production ready. This is completed by creating and adding users, loading your data, and training.

When your system becomes live, it is imperative that your users are on board. To accomplish this, it’s important that you support your users, encourage them to use the system, and measure the system’s use.
You will find once Salesforce CRM is live, your users will provide feedback and suggestions for better efficiency. Fostering works with your organization closely to make these changes easily, and will also recommend future improvements to help your business soar.


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Implementation – Fostering LLC

Implementation - Fostering LLC