Moving to Flow

Flow is the Way to Go

Process Builder and Workflow Retirement

So, you may have heard, Flow is the standard for process automation as Salesforce made it official that Process Builder and Workflow will be retiring starting October of 2022 (Winter ’23 Release). You won’t be able to create any new Workflow Rules and Processes in the future.
Here is the retirement timeline:
So what’s to do next?
Follow these Steps
  1. Learn Flow, Trailhead estimates about seven hours to complete the Trailheads modules. Here is a trailmix I put together to help.
  2. Understand Flow jargon. There are many words that mean something in Flow. Here is a great article to study: A-Z Guide to Salesforce Flow Builder.
  3. Understand Flow Limits.
  4. Document and analyze your current Workflow Rules and Processes Don’t keep what you don’t need. Align your existing automation to your business processes. Fostering uses Jira and Confluence for documentation purposes like this.
  5. Review your existing Flows. Try not to have more than 3 flows per object. Document and compare them to your existing Workflow Rules and Processes.
  6. Convert Workflow Rules using the Migrate to Flow Tool. This tool doesn’t convert your existing Processes to Flows.
  7. Rebuild your Processes as Flows.
  8. Test your new Flows in a Sandbox.
  9. Release your new Flows to Production.
Based on little-to-no knowledge of Flow…
  • Training and experience: 1 week+
  • Document and analysis:1-2 weeks+
  • Convert and Rebuild: 2 weeks +
  • Test and Deploy: 1 week
Average estimate: 5-8 weeks
-OR- Contact Fostering
  1. Contact Fostering
  2. We will collaboratively review your current Workflow Rules and Processes.
  3. We will provide an estimate of hours based on our rate card.
  4. We will assign an account manager and provide weekly check-ins and demos as we progress through the migration
  5. Done : )
Typically under $5,000 and 2-3 weeks.
Remember: You will not be able to create any new Workflow Rules starting October of this year. Process Builder is scheduled for retirement in February of 2023.
We recommend that you document and analyze your existing Workflow Rules and Flows well before October 2022.
I invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Salesforce Certified Architect consultation about Flow, Process Builder, and Workflow Rules.
Let’s take time to review your current Processes and Workflow Rules to see what technical debt you may be carrying.
Look forward to it,
Matt Foster, CEO and Salesforce Architect