Future Ready

Banks are struggling to create a roadmap to improve the commercial banking process. Commercial customers demand the same innovations that have been implemented in the retail banking industry. Leading with a customized CRM is at the heart of being future ready. The first step is to understand the customer journey. One of the newer tools being utilized by many companies is Journey Mapping.

Journey Mapping

Across various industries, Customer Journey Mapping has become an important tool for discovering deficiencies in customer experience. Fostering has been working side-by-side with our clients, including banks, to utilize journey mapping to identify areas of opportunity. We’ve seen the benefit of taking this approach by combining the principles of Customer Journey Mapping and process modeling to understand the effectiveness of a specific banking product from both customers’ and internal employees’ perspectives.

The Custom Centric Approach

Customer Journey mapping looks at the product from end to end to understand overall effectiveness and to identify areas of improvement that will have a positive effect on the bottom line. Then, when combined leading practices like a custom CRM, this insight can help prioritize improvements and model the quantitative financial opportunity. Fostering can provide a hands-on Customer Journey Mapping workshop for clients as well.

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