Our Top 10 Features Salesforce Spring `23 Release

Are you ready for the Spring `23 release?
But have no time to read the 574-page release notes
We hand-picked what we think are the top 10 new features for Spring `23. Hope you enjoy!
Here is a summary list:
  1. Create Personalized Report Filters
  2. Bulk Manage Picklist Values
  3. Enhance Case and Lead Record Pages with Dynamic Forms
  4. Track Field History for Activities
  5. DevOps Center
  6. Select Who Has Access When Creating a Sandbox
  7. Take Action More Quickly in the Dynamic Activity Composer
  8. Let Customers Pick Their Own Meeting Times in Lightning Experience
  9. Select Multiple Records from a Table in a Flow Screen
  10. Convert Processes to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool
….Lastly, we outlined the release dates.
For a full write-up, including pictures. Click this link.
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