Fast As Lightning: New Salesforce Editions

Salesforce Lightning Editions

Salesforce has long been known for its innovation, and remains the premier Customer Relationship Management system in the world. In fact, Salesforce is approaching its 50 release! After carefully researching, listening to customers, and enhancing features and functionality, Salesforce is launching three new editions featuring its improved Lightning Experience interface at simple and easy to understand price points. Whether you are a current Salesforce customer or are simply considering your options, this exciting change coming May 1, 2016, is worth checking out!

However, as powerful Salesforce is for revolutionizing your business or organization, it’s becoming even better, and easier. At Fostering, we serve our clients by helping them take hold of the phenomenal tools and advantages available when using Salesforce, and work to ensure your CRM is customized, your data is migrated, and your people are trained. We are excited about the Salesforce Lightning Editions, and can say with even more clarity that it is simply the very best.

Why New Editions?

Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning Experience is a completely redesigned version of the core Salesforce CRM. Along with a clean and modern user interface, Lightning also makes many tasks more streamlined, and updates the processes. The new interface allows for faster and more user-friendly access to information you rely on. The CRM tool is the first to undergo this redesign, but it is being initiated across all Salesforce products and services. Salesforce is passionate about the success of their customers, and are constantly working on improving everything from the security and capacity of data centers to the features needed most. Salesforce is nearing its 50th release, have been working hard, talking with and listening to customers and partners both large, small, and in-between. Based on that feedback, it was clear what customers wanted, and how they wanted it delivered. With the new Lightning Experience, releasing these new editions on May 1st was the perfect time.

What About My Current Salesforce

Existing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customers will receive the new capabilities and features provided by the new editions. However, it is important for customers to contact us at Fostering to set up an edition review to ensure your organization has the tools needed to drive success.

What’s Included and How Much Will It Cost?

The new Salesforce Lightning Editions are available for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Below are the details and pricing for the new editions.

Sales Cloud Lightning Editions

Sales Cloud Features

Service Cloud Lightning Editions

Service Cloud Features


If you are already a CRM user, taking advantage of Salesforce Lightning is an excellent way to improve. If you aren’t using Salesforce at all, perhaps you should be.

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