Salesforce MFA Enforcement Coming Soon

By now, we all should know the importance of Multi-Factor Authorization(MFA) and that it does protect access to our important systems. 
Salesforce has sent a lot of communication about MFA and how to best prepare for it, read here.
  • In 2022, Salesforce required MFA as a contractual agreement and provided many resources to help admins enable it.
  • In 2023, Salesforce is Auto-Enabling it in Salesforce Orgs and will enforce it for all their products.
Now that MFA will be enforced in your Salesforce Org soon, what are your options?
What are your options?
Do it internally…
  • First, be sure you understand the impact this will have on your users and what they will need to change with the way they log in.
  • Second, understand your options to enable MFA before the enforcement.
  • Third, enable the best MFA resource for your organization and test it in a sandbox.
  • Fourth, roll out to your users. Teach and train your users how logging into Salesforce will change. Tip: We suggest setting an internal date before the enforcement date.
Remember, if you take no action, Salesforce will enforce this feature in your org. Then you will have Salesforce users needing to set up their own means of MFA to log in.
Click this link to view our MFA documentation.
Have Fostering take care of it…
Fostering recommends 5 block hours to help you enable MFA for your Salesforce.
This includes:
  • Consulting session about MFA
  • Customize a recommendation for your Salesforce Org
  • Enable this feature in a Salesforce Sandbox and Test it with your team

Schedule your MFA enablement by purchasing block time here.