Signs it’s Time for a CRM

Do you have files piled up in every corner of your office? Do you have notes written on random scraps of paper or in several unorganized notebooks? When you’re looking for an important contact’s phone number, do you have to search through scribbles on your desk calendar? It’s time to get organized! If you want to boost sales and be part of a business that runs more efficiently, it’s time to implement a CRM.


A customer relationship management system is a powerful tool for growing an organization’s income and increasing its value by placing emphasis on relationships with the clients it serves. You’ll have one great system that organizes and synchronizes all of your departments into one efficient package. It’ll help your business put the clients first, which promotes brand loyalty.


If you’ve reached an unhealthy level of unorganized chaos within your business, it’s time to look into a CRM. You might find that you and your sales colleagues are calling the same leads over and over again. With a CRM, you won’t have to worry about that. The information will be in the system—including all communications and contact information. You won’t have to embarrass yourself and make the company look unorganized by pursuing the same potential clients.


If you aren’t tracking goals or quotas in an effective manner, it’s time for a CRM system. How do you know you brought in enough business this month? How do you keep track of quotas? How do you keep track of your progress and growth from month to month? If your answer is that you don’t or that you write your progress in an old notebook, you should know that there is a simpler, more effective way: a CRM.


If you’re keeping important details in a notebook, or even storing information in frustrating color-coded spreadsheets, a CRM will do you a world of good. You don’t want to have to frantically search through sticky notes when a client calls to find their information. Why spend precious minutes searching for a phone number when you could easily pull it up by searching their name and pulling up their digital file? Customers are becoming more demanding, so you need to keep up in any way you can; they don’t have the time to wait forever while you track down their information, and you don’t have the time to waste painstakingly searching through it.


A CRM will make countless mundane tasks easier to manage. If you haven’t implemented one in your company yet, it may be time to reconsider. If you have any questions, give us a call at 320-245-7955.