What do you know about mass emails?

Do you get too many emails?  

At face value that is what the average person says. But thats because we relate mass emails to getting sold vs. adding value. A customer company doesn’t sell, they educate.

Email Marketing costs over 80% less than direct mail and you can actually track your results and prospect those who show interest. 
Amazing!! Right? 
Well, why don’t more people do it then? 
My findings show they simply don’t know how to get started or have some preconceived notion that you’ll be hated for popping in someones inbox. Let your thought process be “How can I help my customers?” not just your wallet.
Steps to Success
  • Set Up a System
    • Know the customers you are reaching out to and incorporate your emails with a customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Input List
    • Use lists from sources like Excel, Gmail, LinkedIn, and other databases will help organize your data. This will make it easier to gather information and make data driven decisions.
  • Segment
    • Decide what material you would like to send to your customers and when. Having a schedule will help maintain consistency throughout your emails.
  • Value Added Material
    • It is important to know what your customers are interested in reading about. Adding content that is informative and relevant helps customers relate to the topic.
  • Track Results
    • Tracking results will help your business know what works and what doesn’t. Using this information you can make changes based on the results in order to improve the outcome.

Did you receive our email last month? 

Here’s how it turned out.
  • It was sent out to 1,421 people sourced from either Salesforce, Gmail, or LinkedIn.
  • 553 people opened it, which is30% higher than the industry average (9%).
  • The email received 45 clicks (8%) which gives me my prospecting list.
  • 5 appointments were scheduled with deals being closed on 2 of them, the other 3 are pending.
  • That’s an ROI of 2000% just on the proposals that accepted!! 


The time it took to construct the email was limited compared to the results it received. It took 3 hours to construct the template and input the recipient lists and only 1 hour to create the content.
Can your direct mail do that?
And yet the average company will spend thousands of dollars on mailing without tracking any results.
The minimal investment in dollars and time pays significant dividends and now I have a regular template and a streamlined prospecting process.
Watch this short video for an overview on email marketing and schedule a time to talk if you would likeFostering LLC to partner with your company to help increase your ROI with email marketing!