Please read below for a brief portfolio of the Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Services provided for a few of our valued clients.


Stearns Financial Services
Stearns Financial Services

Industry: Retail/Commerical Banking and Leasing

Size: 350+ Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud, Integrations, Custom Portal, and Custom Development

Stearns Financial Services is a multi-billion dollar well-capitalized, independent financial holding company based in St. Cloud, MN. Stearns specializes in nationwide small business lending and equipment financing with a history of delivering outstanding customer service and the ability to deliver fast decisions. Fostering has helped to further enable excellent customer service and fast loan decisions with a 130+ Salesforce user implementation, document collection customer portal, and numerous integrated apps to streamline processes.  Stearns’ primary goal is to have a customer 360 view within multiple business units. Fostering has fostered this industry-shaking goal.


Industry: Business IT Services, Copier/Printer and Managed/Cloud Services

Size: 1400+ Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud,, Integrations and Process Automation

Marco is an industry leader in the IT services world, always innovating and building solutions for their clients. Marco had worked with other Salesforce consultants in the past, but was looking for a local & reliable partner to aid in employee transition and gain efficiencies in their Salesforce use. Fostering provided local, reliable and onsite staffing to bridge the internal employee gap and built automation in Salesforce, which resulted an estimate of 1,500+ annual employee hours and over $100,000 annually in contract renewals. Fostering continues to partner with Marco for aided long term Salesforce Success.

Rice Companies
Rice Companies

Industry: Construction

Size: 65+ Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud, Lighting, Pipeline Management and Data Migration

Rice companies believes in building long lasting customer relationships. Rice works as a dedicated partner with each and every client. Rices promises to be here long after the job is done to ensure and maintain the integrity of their work.

Rice was looking for CRM system and CRM Partner with the same commitment. Rices wanted to further their commitment to their customer relationships but using a platform designed just for them. Rice partnered with Fostering to replace their existing CRM, tailor fit Salesforce for their business application and grow their use of good customer data. Rice continues this commitment by refining internal processes and their application use of Salesforce with Fostering. Thank you for your partnership Rice.


Industry: Communications

Size: 200+ Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud, Pipeline Management, Partner Portal and Recurring Data Migration

CTC is a cooperative with offices in Brainerd and Baxter. Their goal at CTC is to offer the latest technology and highest quality of service for your business and home phone, high speed internet, and digital TV services.

CTC was looking for a solution to aid their partner network with submitting leads and tracking their partner commissions. The existing process was heavily task orientated and took a long time in excel spreadsheet manipulations. CTC choose to partner with Fostering to create a solution by customizing Salesforce and building a portal for agents to submit leads and view their commission in real time. Fostering also created automated template data loads for recurring data imports. This has caused a significant amount of time savings and opportunity for future partner growth.

Falcon National Bank
Falcon National Bank

Industry: Banking and Leasing

Size: 120-150 Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud, Document Generation, Online Application, Marketing and Process Automation

Falcon National Bank delivers on “Service that Soars Above the Rest”. With a growing business and increased staffing, they knew they needed a CRM tool that would help them scale and continue to serve their clients at this high level. Fostering implemented Sales Cloud for their Business Development, Leasing, Credit and HSA teams using the Agile method. Falcon now has a platform to take that Soaring to a whole new level.

ServiceMaster Pro Services
ServiceMaster Pro Services

Industry: Cleaning and Disaster Recovery

Size: 300+ employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud, Quotes, Price-books, Forecasting, Quickbooks and Marketing Platform Integration

ServiceMaster was looking for a way to allow their outside sales team to collaborate and track the numerous customer/prospects touches they do on a daily basis. We helped integrate Quickbooks and Constant Contact to streamline their data visibility and train their team to use the web and mobile SF1 app to be successful.

Executive Express
Executive Express

Industry: Transportation

Size: 50-100 Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud and Data Migration

We customized for outside sales and marketing activities and exported existing data from ACT CRM via Sql Database. We trained their local team and remote office on Salesforce web & SF1 Mobile application, and provide continual support.

Nahan Printing
Nahan Printing

Industry: Printing

Size: 400+ Employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud and Process Automation

Nahan had been using Salesforce for over two years before we started assisting their Salesforce use. We have helped them with sourcing industry data for their existing records to help segment mailings and assist their in-house admin with training and support. Nahan has also taken advantage of our free Salesforce User Meetup groups we host.


Industry: Communications

Size: 5-10 employees

Salesforce Use: Sales Cloud, Mobile App, Telephony and Outlook Integration

Inteleconnect was using Salesforce for over 1 year, but also had data that was being tracked on multiple excel spreadsheets. We helped clean up data, customize their Salesforce instance and import all the files from excel to create a company wide solution. We also help manage their ongoing success with Salesforce and monthly mass email via. Constant Contact.

Arise Home Health Care
Arise Home Heath Care

Industry: In-home Health Care

Size: 100+ Employees

Salesforce Use:, Online application form

Arise was looking for a complete solution for hiring and HR management. They received numerous applications per week and we helped customize a solution to fully integrate a deeply robust online application that sends data directly to Salesforce CRM. They are now able to filter and sort the best applicants for specific jobs and automate responses.


Youth for Christ USA
Youth for Christ USA

Industry: Youth Services

Size: 1000+ employees, 130+ locations

Salesforce  Use: Non-profit Starter Pack, Package deployments to over 30 Salesforce Orgs, On-going Support and Consulting.

Long-term ongoing relationship to customize Creating a nationwide solution to replace RaisersEdge. Build and maintain a national Salesforce “Basebox” to deploy to chapter locations. Migrated Millions of records from Raisers Edge and other platforms. Assist in training in-house CRM Admin and create support documentation and training videos on customized (in-Salesforce) training solution. Building ongoing solutions and aiding in processes outlined on this website.


Badgerland YFC
Badgerland YFC

Industry: Youth Services

Size: 10-20 employees

Salesforce Use: Non Profit Starter Pack and Data Migration

As Fosterings very first client, we helped Badgerland extract data from over 15 yr old non-supported donor database(Paradigm). Customize the Salesforce NPSP one-to-one account model based on workflow of client. Import over 100,000 donor records and corresponding donations into Salesforce. Provide on-site and ongoing support. Integrate Constant Contact to Salesforce.

Frontier Ventures
Fontier Ventures

Industry: Missionary Support and Education

Size: 200+ employees

Salesforce Use: Non Profit Starter Pack and Real-Time Integration to FileMaker Application.

This non-profit client has a rich history and deep legacy of data that is not readily accessible by their development department, housed on a custom made FileMaker system. We helped them walk through the Salesforce Grant (10-fee Licenses) and create a custom Salesforce API and Filemaker Script to daily data into Salesforce. We provided on-site training and continually provide ongoing support.

Good Shepherd Community
Good Shepherd Community

Industry: Senior Living Services

Size: 360+ employees

Salesforce Use: Non Profit Starter Pack, Volunteer Management, Online Giving and Data Migration.

Migrate from  RaisersEdge to Salesforce. Integrate Volunteers for Salesforce to track volunteer hours, Constant Contact for mass email marketing and Click N Pledge for online/electronic donations, all into Salesforce as complete solution.