Salesforce NAICS Enhanced Look-up Tool 

Sick of opening a new tab to look-up NAICS numbers on a 3rd-party website? How about searching and finding the right NAICS code right in Salesforce... and wait... it even updates their account record in one click. Now you feel like Superman.

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Address Deconstructor $45.99

Is your entire address in one column? Separate the address from one column in Microsoft Excel to Street, City, State, and Zip like a champ. Save a massive amount of time. Simple 2 clicks and then copy back into Excel. Watch the VIDEO for a complete how-to.

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Ultimate Excel Tools $74.99

An all-in-one desktop application that contains the following bundled programs. Watch the VIDEO for a complete how-to.

Address Deconstructor Splits addresses from a single column into Street, City, State, and Zip/Postal Code columns.
Phone Extractor Extracts phone numbers from cells.
Capitalizer Capitalizes words in cells.
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FileMaker to Salesforce Integration

We can implement a custom FileMaker to Salesforce integration using Salesforce and FileMaker APIs.

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