Matt Foster

Owner-CRM Specialist

320.309.8405 |

Matt is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Data Architecture and Management Designer and Sales Cloud Consultant. In over twelve years in the areas of sales and marketing, Matt has witnessed a variety of ways to engage customers. Salesforce CRM has been the most efficient, most impressive, and most well-liked among the organizations he has been involved with.

Matt resides in Clear Lake, Minnesota with his loving wife Abby and their four boys: Tate, Brady, Griffin and Macrae. He is passionate about helping organizations reach their full potential and about witnessing younger individuals learn that there is a Lord and savior who loves them. His hobbies include snowboarding, working on automobiles, and playing hockey.

Shane Jelks

Key Account Manager

248.705.6975 |

Shane has over 25 years of professional expertise as a marketing and advertising executive. She has helped clients make money by developing strategic sales building plans using fact based insights. She has also been an inspirational team leader and mentor. She has been successful at building lasting relationships with her clients and team members by being collaborative and earning their trust.

Shane lives on a 16 acre hobby farm in Becker, MN with her husband and best friend Glen. They have two daughters, Shannon and Tara. They love to spend time together as a family tending to their animals and garden, camping and serving at church and in the community.

Katherine Harrsion

CRM Evangelist

320.774.9596 |

Kat is a certified Salesforce Administrator. She is a professional both in terms of conduct and work ethic. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from North Dakota State University and experience with everything from coding to marketing to sales, and she does it all with a smile. She was the founder and manager of a successful retail business in the St. Cloud area and has experience in the small business and corporate worlds.

Kat is here to help your business find the right CRM solution to maximize efficiency and to provide a great user experience (UX) for your company. Ultimately, she’s here to streamline your processes so you can work smarter, not harder.

Jordan Junkermeier

Senior Developer

320.220.7778 |

Jordan is a certified Salesforce Platform Developer and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from St. Cloud State University.

Technical experience includes Salesforce API integrations, Visualforce, and Apex, as well as web, desktop, and console applications in C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript (including jQuery and AJAX), PHP, and ASP.NET.

Jordan enjoys building apps, shooting guns and helping out on his parents’ family farm.

Benjamin Paulson

Support Specialist

Ben is a certified Salesforce Administrator and has degrees in Applied Mathematics and Information Systems. With work experience in Salesforce and business intelligence, he hopes to further broaden his skills through supporting Fostering’s clients on a day-to-day basis.

He enjoys reading, singing, and playing word games. He’s been a lifelong native of Minnesota and loves it.

Brady Anderson


Brady holds an Associate’s of Science in Computer Science from Anoka-Ramsey Community College and is currently working towards a Bachelor’s of Science from St. Cloud State University in the same field. His biggest strengths include C++, Java, and C.

Outside of class, he is a member of the Computer Science Club at SCSU, participating in events to sharpen his skills such as attending presentations on new software development technologies, programming competitions, and hackathons.

Joseph Kelzenberg


Joseph is a student at St. Cloud State University in Electrical Engineering and will be graduating in 2018. He lives with his wife in St. Cloud MN. His passions include cars, trying new things and spending his time with his wife outdoors.

Nick Fistere


Nick is a student at St. Cloud State University majoring in Computer Science, his biggest strengths are C++, Java, and C.

Outside of school he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, reading, and working on personal projects.

Gayathri Buddhavarapu


Gayathri is a student at St.Cloud State University pursuing  a Masters in Computer Science . She has a Bachelor’s Degree from JNT University in India.

She enjoys solving challenges in programming, loves to travel , watch movies and likes singing.

Rick Morris


Rick is a recent graduate of Anoka Technical College with an Associate’s of Information Technology. Emphasis on Software and Mobile Development, he has knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, C#, and Swift. New to the area he enjoys walking around town, meeting new people and working on personal projects for mobile devices.

Russell Laboe


Russell graduated from St Cloud Tech in 2017. He has experience with a wide variety of languages including Java, C#, and PHP. Along with languages, he also has experience with several frameworks like ASP.NET MVC and Laravel. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, visiting with friends, and building various software projects.

Fostering LLC Partners


Fostering LLC Consultant Partner

320.260.6681 |

MYRES CONSULTING, LLC is a management consulting firm dedicated to the success of their clients. Their specialty is partnering with companies and organizations of all sizes who have a desire to grow and improve.

Myres and Fostering have strategically worked together on the Customer Journey Mapping, a way to identify customer journey gaps. A revolutionized Customer Culture is a direct result of Myres Consulting and a well-implemented CRM.

InteleCONNECT, Inc.

Fostering LLC Consultant Partner

320.257.7400 |

InteleCONNECT, Inc. is an independent consultant of all telecom services. They consult, free of charge, with businesses to assist with their telecommunication needs. They provide an unbiased recommendation based on the current and future needs of your organization.

InteleCONNECT and Fostering LLC have partnered together to offer an integrated phone system with your CRM solution. Utilizing InteleCONNECT's telecommunications experience with Fostering's CRM experience, we guide and service you through the entire process.

John Funk

Fostering LLC Consultant Partner

Critical Solution |

John Funk has over 20 years of experience with FileMaker and other technologies. He founded Critical Solution in 2005, which provides business database solutions for companies of all sizes.

Along with Fostering LLC, John recently played a key role in the development of, an API-driven bridge for data between FileMaker and Salesforce.