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Traditional Non-Profit Donor systems tend to be limited on functionality or outdated.  This is primarily because they have to raise more business dollars, from non-profits, in order to create the necessary tools to be competitive in the market.

There has been a revelation for non-profits… offers an Enterprise level customer (donor) relation management system for less than the price of any “non-profit” system… Free.
This free system is provided through the “Power of Us” Salesforce Foundation Grant. Contact Us to help you secure the donation worth over $14,000 annually!

Now you can easily integrate tools such as:

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for Non-Profits

“The Fostering team is great when it comes to delivering customized solutions. From setting up web-based donation forms that interface with Salesforce, to developing custom functionality for our instance of Salesforce (that uses person accounts), they work hand-in-hand with us to explore and identify the best solutions for all of our needs, regardless of scope. Their solutions have helped us save both time and money!”PowerMyLearning
“10 out of 10! Matt and Jordan are very responsive to their customers’ needs. They do a great job of communicating.”Jodi Speicher, Good Shepherd Community
“Prior to switching to Salesforce we used Denarii. I wanted a system that was accessible from my iPhone, worked on a Mac, and could be customized to our organization’s needs. I found that in Salesforce. I love its flexibility and ease of use.”Matt Schulte, CEO, Campus Life
“I have seen many systems come and go over the 20+ years I have been with Youth for Christ. I have never seen a system work so smoothly, (and be as) customizable andaccessible as Salesforce. Salesforce “out-of-the-box” would not have worked for us, having someone understand our needs and customize it for our staff has been priceless.”Scott Anderson, Executive Director, Central MN Youth for Christ
“Matt was very knowledgeable and great to work with. He had a great attitude and had excellent insight in helping set up our new Salesforce system. (He) helped to position us for fundraising success and continued growth.”Ron Riemersma, Executive Director, Fond Du Lac Youth for Christ