We Love the Salesforce AppExchange and You Should Too!

We Love Salesforce AppExchangeAt Fostering, we love apps that make things easier. No two organizations are identical and all have unique needs for their infrastructure. Salesforce is the top CRM solution in the world and pioneered cloud technologies. The list of things Salesforce can achieve for your organization is massive. Best of all, Salesforce is made even more robust and individualized to help meet your business objectives thanks to the Salesforce AppExchange. This year marks the tenth anniversary of this phenomenal resource, and We thought it would be fitting to share the top five reasons we love the Salesforce AppExchange. They are all great reasons why our clients should too.

1) Fostering Business Results

Salesforce AppExchange is the largest arena for cloud-based business software solutions. The apps available allow you to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform to ensure you achieve desired business outcomes. Apps are available for multiple areas including sales, customer service, marketing, administration, analytics, and many others.

2) Fostering Improved ROI

Like any investment, the better your return from using Salesforce, the more valuable it is. Using apps from the AppExchange has proven benefits to help do just that. Whether you are seeking to improve your market share, boost your customer service, reduce your expenses, or many other goals, the AppExchange is a resource worth using.

3) Fostering Adaptability

Across the various app categories on the AppExchange, over 3,000 different apps are available, all easily searchable to meet your unique needs in any field. From streamlining your internal processes to having improved access to sales data, organizations of all sizes and industries can benefit.

4) Fostering Improved App Usefulness

With such a large number of apps, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure which apps on the AppExchange would benefit you the most. Fortunately, it includes various resources to help you find the right apps, and gain the knowledge you need to choose and use them. These resources include customer and partner reviews, demos, free trials, and others. Of course, as your Salesforce partner, our team at Fostering can also help you gain the most from the AppExchange.

5) Fostering Innovation and Improvement

Salesforce has always been an innovator. As a pioneer in the area of cloud technologies, we have focused on constant improvement and innovation to gain the most for our clients. The AppExchange creates a prime environment to continue this tradition by creating a marketplace for Lightning Components. Lightning Components improve performance and launch speed by simplifying the development of responsive mobile and desktop applications.

Fostering: On the AppExchange

Fostering salutes the Salesforce AppExchange, and celebrates the significant benefits it offers. We have our own app on the AppExchange as well. We invite you to check it out, and use this free tool. Just click the button below!


Alternatively, learn more about the AppExchange and the many ways it can benefit your organization. As always, Fostering would also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s start a conversation about CRM and how Salesforce can help transform your organization. Click here!

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