Hire or Contract?

I often get asked about Salesforce roles and how to hire a quality Salesforce professional. The bottom line is that it is not easy to hire a highly skilled and experienced Salesforce professional. Salesforce has only been around for about 20 years, so the demand and available skills have not balanced out. Because demand is high and skills are low, the cost is elevated.
In the Salesforce ecosystem today, there are many users, a lot of “accidental” Admins, and many more taking time after work hours to skill up with Trailhead. These roles are needed in the eco-system but do not make a good Salesforce professional.
Most Salesforce teams are composed of these primary professionals/roles:
  • A Salesforce Consultant / Architect
    • Many years of experience are needed to be able to guide the implementation to ensure the proper architecture is being followed for a sustainable and scalable solution.
  • A Salesforce Developer
    • A coder or expert in Flow Builder. This person knows what tools to use to build proper solutions and how to ask the right questions to guide the solution design.
  • A Salesforce Administrator/Analyst
    • This person is great on the fly, and can help understand business requirements, and solve simple changes to Salesforce quickly.
I recommend at least 2-3 years of experience before considering hiring for these roles.
Now the biggest issue for businesses…
You purchased Salesforce but cannot afford to hire three roles to ensure Salesforce is providing the ROI you expect.
If this sounds like you, your only options are to:
  1. Strike it rich with a “Do it all” Admin OR
  2. Contract with a Salesforce Partner who can provide skills needed for less than the cost to hire three full-time Salesforce professionals.
The beauty of working with a contractor is your overhead is limited, your skills are extended, and you can ask for more or less work as needed.
Check out the infographic below…
If you have any questions about working with a contract Salesforce team or other Salesforce questions, please feel free to schedule a time with me by clicking the link below.
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