Prioritize, Don’t Accessorize

Business Tech Systems… Prioritize, don’t accessorize.

 how do you choose technology systems for your business?


To preface, I get this question more often than you’d think. More and more businesses still choose technology solutions for their businesses to use based on
what they think they need versus
what they know they should actually purchase.
Let’s think of it this way… 
What department has the largest number of touch points with your customers?
If one department dried up, what would cause you to lay off the whole company eventually?
You get my point…
However, sales is typically the last department to receive the tech they need to do their jobs well. Think of your own company’s departments – accounting, inventory management,  even marketing…  these departments have the best systems known to man because they
can’t function without them, not because it is the highest priority.
Or, m
any companies will release a system that will service accounting or inventory management… and then add on CRM, expecting the sales team to adopt it.
Sound familiar? 


My suggestion is to choose the right technology based on who has the greater number of touch points with your greatest asset… 
your current and future customers.
What looks like a better technology plan now?



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