Happy Thankfulness from Fostering!

Our Sincerest “Happy Thankfulness” From The Entire Fostering Team.

Hello. This is Matt. Many days, I catch myself enveloped by what our developer Jordan calls “first world problems”. Argh!!
…The stoplights are taking too long, my food was cold, I have to stop what I am doing to run an errand. I think you understand what I am saying.
If I took the time to stop more often, and to consider what someone in a third world situation would think of these problems, I realize that they are not really problems at all. 3rd world people would be ecstatic if those were the only problems they face. They would be beaming with gratitude.
I implore you to take just two minutes today to write down (on paper) three simple things you are thankful for.
In addition, when you are feeding your face on Thursday, be sure to consider those three things and anything else you are thankful for. This holiday is a great reminder of just how much we all have to be thankful for. Wishing you the best this season and with thankfulness,
The Fostering Team

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