Time Tracking App Administrative Setup

1 Day



Our standard installation and configuration includes the following:

Fostering will provide the following services to set up the Time Tracking Application.

  1. Install the Time Tracking Application in one environment, sandbox or production, and install for the System Administrator Profile.

  2. Configure up to two second lookup relationships on Time Tracking Summaries to standard or custom objects.

  3. Add the Stopwatch and configure the default field properties on up to two Lightning Record Pages.

  4. Add the Stopwatch to one App’s Utility bar.

  5. Add the Easy Calendar and Batch Entry tabs to one App.

  6. Assign the Time Tracking Permission Set to Users listed in a client-supplied Report of User records.

  7. Provide a one-hour training session.

Client Requirements:

  1. Provide login credentials for Fostering to install in Sandbox or Production Org.

    1. If production org, you will need to provide credit card or e-check payment information for $5/user/mo

  2. Identify (up to two) Objects and Lightning Record Pages where you would the the Stop Watch added.

  3. Identify the App you would like the Stop Watch , Batch Entry, and Easy Calendar added to.

  4. Provide a link to a Salesforce Report of the Users you would like to use the Time Tracking application.

  5. Schedule a training using this link: https://calendly.com/mattfoster/60min