NPSP Bulk Paper Receipting Solution


Do you want to do bulk paper receipting or bulk mail merge from Salesforce, but you cannot find an affordable solution?
No worries. Conga Global Merge to the rescue!
I have worked in Salesforce for over 15 years and have set up Salesforce for nearly 100+ non-profit organizations. Bulk mail merge can be expensive. Conga Batch is a great bulk mail merge tool but costs roughly 50 cents per transaction. So, if you send 500 donation receipts per week, you will be charged $250 every week!
Not with Conga Global Merge. Conga Global Merge doesn’t have as many features as Conga Batch. However, Global Merge is included in your Conga Composer subscription and doesn’t cost you anything per transaction! Nice, right?
So, in full transparency, this solution has been around for a while. However, I do not believe it has been widely known in the Salesforce ecosystem. This is why I am writing this article.
To use Conga Global Merge, you need an active subscription to Conga Composer, which is roughly $2,400/year for 10 users.
Pro Tip – You can combine this with Conga Sign if you are looking for an e-sign solution.
In comparison, Conga Batch requires Conga Composer and has a per-transaction cost. We recently saved a client nearly $20,000 per year!
Check out the infographic below…
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