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I have had many clients ask, “How can I take credit card or eCheck payment directly from the Salesforce interface?”. So, I went searching and found what I believe is the most streamlined and flexible solution in Salesforce to date.

EBizCharge for Salesforce

Fostering CRM’s favorite EBizCharge features:

✔ Accept credit, debit, and eCheck payments directly on any Salesforce object

✔ Customer Payment Portal

✔ Email “click-to-pay” links

✔ Advanced security

✔ PCI-compliant transactions

✔ Tokenized, off-site data storage

✔ 100+ integrations

✔ Fully in-house 

Lighting Component to Take Payments on Any Object

Schedule Recurring Payments

Send Payment Request Emails

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I hope this content helps you get to most out of Salesforce!



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