User Adoption Tools in Salesforce

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, where we explore the world of Salesforce adoption tools. Whether you’re a Salesforce newbie or an experienced user looking to enhance your team’s efficiency, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest tools to help you make the most of your Salesforce experience.

In this issue, we will introduce you to a range of tools and resources designed to streamline your Salesforce adoption process and boost your team’s productivity.

⭐ Utility Bar ⭐

The utility bar is a lowermost bar that remains consistent across all instances of an application. It offers the option to incorporate a Rich Text component, which can function as a link to training materials or videos. This straightforward approach allows for the seamless integration of training content within Salesforce, ensuring accessibility to users at all times and at their desired pace.

⭐In-App Guidance⭐

In-App Guidance is an interactive way for users to learn Salesforce. This is a more proactive approach which can be a great tool if used well. However these “pop-ups” could annoy your users if used too frequently.

This tool is best used to:

  • Prompt an announcement
  • Explain sections on a page
  • Guide the user where to click
  • Step-by-step, on-screen instruction

Watch: Get Started with In-App Guidance in Lightning Experience

Note: You get 5 In-App Guidance’s for free!

  1. Specify the in-app guidance type, prompt type and position, and content.
  2. Review, move, and delete steps in a walkthrough.
  3. Edit additional settings such as action button and links, profile, user permissions, schedule, active status, and name details.
  4. Use the buttons to guide you through the builder.
  5. See what other in-app guidance is on the current page.
  6. Indicates if the in-app guidance is active or inactive.
  7. The buttons change as you are adding, editing, or previewing the in-app guidance. Some common buttons are Clone, Add Step, Save, and Done. By clicking Save, you save any changes that you made. By clicking Done, you close the sidebars to restart at the add screen.
  8. Preview in-app guidance in your app so you can place it where you want in the app. After you start authoring in-app guidance, you’ll see a preview of the prompt and walkthrough as you customize it. Some org interactions, such as editing a page layout and switching to Salesforce Classic, aren’t available inside of the canvas.

Guidance Center and Learning Paths

The Guidance Center is a way for Salesforce to recommend training to your users without any intervention. The recommendations are generic in nature and are usually articles and trailhead resources.

However, you can turn off these recommendations from Salesforce and create custom Learning Paths. Learning Paths are like a light version of a Learning Management System(LMS). You can assign a learning item to individuals, public groups, or all users. You can associate a learning item with an app and a particular object and page within the app.

Watch: How to Train Teams on Lightning w/ Learning Paths | Salesforce

Help Menu

The Help Menu is similar to the Utility Bar option above. However, Salesforce will also recommend content for these areas as well, but don’t worry you can turn those off.

You can add up to 30 custom resource links to this Help & Training pop-up


The recommended use for these links would be:

  • Link to submit a help/IT ticket
  • Training videos and documentation
  • An internal Learning Management System

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