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We Love NonprofitsSuccess with any CRM for nonprofits requires three components; System, Implementation, and Training/Support. Salesforce offers amazing system capabilities and when implemented and supported well, Fostering can help you revolutionize your nonprofit organization.

At Fostering, we specialize in helping nonprofits vastly improve sales and donation tracking, forecasting, reporting, team tracking, and so much more. Thanks to Salesforce.org (formerly Salesforce Foundation), nonprofits are able to take full advantage of the power of Salesforce for many times free (first 10 user licenses). Our job is to help ensure you have the tools and skills needed to use Salesforce effectively.

CRM Implementation for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations face many unique operational challenges. You depend on relationships, volunteers, donations, and grants to continue living out your mission. Often, having the staff needed to manage your donors, customers, and all other aspects of your operations successfully is challenging. It is critical that your communication with donors is exceptional. Salesforce CRM places the tools you need at your fingertips and allows you to keep your data organized, secure, and available on any device easily. For many nonprofits, having a successful CRM in place is not just a desire but also a necessity. Fostering has extensive experience with Salesforce CRM for nonprofits, and we are dedicated to helping you customize it for your needs, merge your data, and train your team. We become your partner in helping you reach new heights, and vastly increase your effectiveness.

What Are The Steps?

These Three Steps are how the experienced team at Fostering can help your nonprofit be more successful:

  • Salesforce CRM System
    • Salesforce is a powerful cloud-based software application and the #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in the world. Salesforce is customized for your unique organization and provides your team the power to manage your nonprofit like never before. Salesforce offers an array of cloud-based tools to increase productivity, keep the pipeline filled with solid leads, and score more wins. No software. No hardware. No speed limits…
  • Implementation for Nonprofits
    • Salesforce is most effective when it is expertly implemented and managed. Fostering fully understands the challenges you face from budget cuts to the passion and desire to serve and reach as many people as possible in the community. Your Salesforce system will be developed with you in mind. Your existing data will be merged into the system and it will be well suited to meet your daily needs and foster the achievement of your future goals.
  • Training and Support
    • Salesforce CRMis most often used by individuals within 3 main roles in your organization. Administration, development, and marketing are all crucial departments. We take the time needed to ensure that your staff is fully trained and able to operate your CRM with ease and precision. We consider every relationship a marriage not a date. We are here to ensure long-term success for your organization after implementations as well. Our high-value support plans do exactly that.

Revolutionize and Maximize

Do you need to track donors, donations, volunteers, grants, staff, events, campaigns, or even a custom data set… let’s start a conversation about CRM and how Salesforce can help transform your nonprofit organization. Click here

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