How your CRM Impacts the Customer Experience

We’ve talked a lot about how a customer relationship management system can improve your workflow and communication among staff members, while at the same time improving your bottom line and helping you get more customers. But we haven’t talked a lot about how your CRM system can impact and improve the customer experience. Gone are the days that price and

Saving Time with a CRM

Implementing customer relationship management software is not only going to help you gain customers and save money, but it’ll help you save time. When you’re effectively utilizing a CRM, the amount of information you’ll be collecting on clients and buying trends is invaluable. Your CRM will provide you valuable analytics from all the data you’re collecting every day. Data from

Three Reasons to Build a Custom CRM System

You’ve decided to take the leap: you’re going to take advantage of the countless benefits of a customer relationship management system. You’ve chosen a great path! A CRM will allow you to automate tasks, make your customer communications much more effective, and boost your sales. Building a custom CRM might be the best way to go; consider these three reasons

Establishing Ongoing Support for your CRM

Delivery and timing are crucial to the implementation of a customer relationship management system. Once the system is implemented and working well for the business, establishing ongoing support is the next crucial step.   Choosing your CRM service implementation specialist is as important as choosing the right system for your business. You need support to ensure your ongoing success through

CRM Systems for Banks

The stuffy, unwelcoming banks of decades ago are long behind us. Banks have embraced modernity, which includes technology utilized for interacting with customers effectively. You might be wondering why a bank has anything to do with a customer relationship management system, when those systems are most often used as a tool for sales teams. A CRM system is so much

Building your CRM Architecture Plan

Customer relationship management systems are a great organizational tool for your business. It’s important that they are carried out the right way in order for them to reach optimum effectiveness. To carry the CRM system so that it works for everyone, it’s important to first construct an architecture plan.   Before you implement your CRM system, create a hierarchy or

Choosing the CRM Champions of Your Office

Are you singing “We are the Champions” by Queen in your head yet? Whether you’re singing it out loud or not (no judgement here), we should probably clarify what we mean by a customer relationship management Champion. The CRM Champions of your office are the people on staff who receive more extensive training and can answer questions internally. Are you

Securing CRM Support

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is an important addition to your business and will change the way you operate. However, if it isn’t carried out properly, it could end up being a waste of time and money. With the proper training, employees will be excited to adopt the system, their confidence will grow, and you’ll see the valuable tool

CRM Pitfalls to Avoid

A Customer-relationship management (CRM) system manages an organization’s interactions with its customers. It’s a powerful tool for growing an organization’s income and increasing its value by putting an emphasis on relationships with the clients it serves. A great CRM will use the latest technology to organize and synchronize all aspects of a business, from sales and marketing, to customer service

Signs it’s Time for a CRM

Do you have files piled up in every corner of your office? Do you have notes written on random scraps of paper or in several unorganized notebooks? When you’re looking for an important contact’s phone number, do you have to search through scribbles on your desk calendar? It’s time to get organized! If you want to boost sales and be